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The basic element of the project is linked to the background of the founders and promoters of CreditChange. The platform is conceived by a group of people who have a solid expertise in the management  and purchase of distressed assets, despite their different specialisations and an equally strong inclination towards the Fintech world.


What makes CREDITCHANGE stand out is its in-depth market knowledge and complete independence. 

We have no stake and no connection with the users trading on our platform, let alone with the portfolios being transacted. In addition, it is also absolutely remarkable that the project leaders have an extensive and across-the-board knowledge of the market.

The partnership with Credit Village enhances the analytical activities of its National NPE Market Observatory, which provides the domestic and international market with a constantly updated picture of buying and selling debt portfolios.


Alessandro Baroni

Alessandro Baroni: After a 25-year career in major investment banks, including the role of CEO of HSBC Italy, and two years working with KPMG to set up the debt restructuring business, he became a partner at CrossBorder, a well-known corporate finance advisory firm, for which he oversaw numerous M&A transactions, also assisting several entrepreneurs in the debt collection sector maximizing their company value.

Gianpaolo Luzzi

Over 30 years in the credit management sector, founder and CEO of well-known debt recovery, debt collection investigations and publishing companies. Publicist journalist and editorial director of Credit Village, he is also author of numerous books on credit protection, debt management, private investigations, published by Sole24Ore, Franco Angeli, FAG.

Marco Pasini

After years of managerial positions in numerous companies in the agri-food industry, over 25 years ago he embarked on entrepreneurial activity in the Collection sector as founder of a company which was then sold in 2018 to an important multinational group. In addition to having held top roles in the sector at an institutional level, he has launched and developed innovative organisational and digital technology development initiatives aimed at SMEs.

Roberto Sergio

He has been working in the debt management sector since 1990. Founder and CEO of a servicer which was sold in 2016 to one of the leading multinationals in the sector, he has been CEO and Co-founder of Credit Village since 2002. He is also the director of the main Italian Observatory of the NPE market, which has been surveying and analysing all the transactions of impaired credit portfolios completed on the national market since 2016, and which produces periodic and accurate sector reports.

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Creditchange, steeped in a background from the debt management industry, is a specialist who speaks the same language and knows other specialists’ needs.


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