The largest independent community to trade bad debts

CreditChange is a digital Cloud platform addressed to the largest credit management community in Italy. It has been  conceived to optimise, animate  and widen credit access and exchange opportunities on the International and Italian scene.

Matching demand and supply

A marketplace where an extremely wide-range of professional operators can decide whether to meet on the public showcase or privately, deciding which buyers they wish to negotiate with.


We are driven by technological innovation and the belief that what has been done so far in the credit industry is only a foretaste of the big progress to come. New software, ever more powerful hardware, mobile devices and artificial intelligence highlight a great potential for the primary and secondary bad debts market. A scenario that was not even thinkable a few years ago.

Flexible model

Our approach  is not to impose a negotiation model, but to allow everyone to use the one that best suits their needs, including the award procedure.

Our mission

We are committed to offer to the industry the best research and knowledge of all market opportunities and make transactions easier.

Our key assets

Full portal digitalisation

With total transaction safety and certainty for both sellers and buyers. An innovative, powerful and complete software, but trouble-free thanks to a user-friendly interface. It was created with the collaboration of expert system engineers from the world of debit collection. The marketplace is available to sellers and buyers so as to autonomously manage all phases of the buying and selling cycle of a credit portfolio. di un portafoglio crediti.

The variety of credits on offer

In addition to  bank, finance, leasing, utilities, TLC, B2B origination-  we will offer space and opportunities not only to large buyers, but also to new types of investors (e.g. small and medium-sized real estate operators, club deals with local or foreign investors) who are increasingly showing genuine interest in investing in impaired debts. This will give sellers the opportunity to gain access to an important new market segment which is currently largely excluded

A highly versatile platform

 CreditChange is adaptable to all sellers’ needs to
the extent that it can also become the Home Portal for those sellers wishing to
customise and brand their own platform. Moreover, the platform does not
impose contractual or documentary models, but leaves the seller free to use the
models most suited to him (Contracts – Nda – Datatape) and manage his own negotiations in total freedom.

The connection to Credit Village's very large community

As well as to its
OBSERVATORY (the most extensive and complete overview of the NPE credit
market in Italy today), will enable to reach a vast audience of sellers and buyers.
In addition, it will allow an unprecedented liveliness of the portfolios on sale.

Ancillary services

Besides the platform, ancillary services auxiliary to the
main transaction are also available to customers and sellers for portfolio
analysis and transaction assistance.

Absolute independence

CreditChange presents itself as an aggregator of
supply and demand in the world of bad debts that can also be used by other existing platforms.


Digitalizzazione: certezza & sicurezza delle transazioni per Seller e Buyer

Garanzia di assoluta Indipendenza dell'Owner

Opportunità di raggiungere un grande mercato

Duttilità alle esigenze di Seller e Buyer

Interfaccia User-friendly

Collegamento all’ampia Community di Credit Village e del suo Osservatorio NPE Market

Animazione senza precedenti dei Portafogli in vendita

Servizi Ancillari on demand

Varietà dei crediti in Vetrina

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